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Pickup is typically 1 week after lambs have been sent in. This provides enough time for them to chill, be inspected and butchered. Whole lambs are sometimes ready a little earlier. You will be emailed when you lamb is ready for pickup.
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Default Cuts

The default cuts cost $100 for 2024 and include:

  • Neck - Ground
  • Shoulder - Curry
  • Ribs-
  • Loin Chops -
  • Lamb Leg -
  • Flank/Plate -
  • Bone-In Fore Shank -
  • Bone-In Hind Shank -
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Custom Cuts

There is an additional fee from the butcher to choose custom cuts.

2024 custom cut fee is $53

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The total cost of the lamb is (Hanging Weight x $9.50) - Deposit

The amount you pay today will be reduced from the final amount once we get the weights from the butcher.

The remaining amount can be paid for via cash or etransfer before pickup.