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This is the date that the lamb is going into the butchers. Lambs are usually ready to be picked up at the farm 1 week after.

Grass-Fed vs. Grain-Finished Lambs: The Difference

When choosing lamb, you might notice some are labeled “Grass-Fed” while others are “Grain-Finished.” Here’s what that really means in simple terms:

Grass-Fed Lambs: These lambs eat only grass or forage their entire life. They tend to be smaller in size because their diet is completely natural. People often say Grass-Fed lamb has a more distinct, earthy flavor.

Grain-Finished Lambs: These lambs start out eating grass but are switched to a grain diet (like corn or soy) for the last part of their lives. This change usually happens to ensure they can still grow when grass isn’t plentiful. Grain-Finished lambs are generally larger and have a milder, sometimes sweeter taste compared to Grass-Fed lambs.

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Default Cuts

The default cuts cost $100 for 2024 and include:

  • Neck - Ground
  • Shoulder - Curry
  • Ribs-
  • Loin Chops -
  • Lamb Leg -
  • Flank/Plate -
  • Bone-In Fore Shank -
  • Bone-In Hind Shank -
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Custom Cuts

There is an additional fee from the butcher to choose custom cuts.

2024 custom cut fee is $53

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The total cost of the lamb is (Hanging Weight x $9.50) - Deposit

The amount you pay today will be reduced from the final amount once we get the weights from the butcher.

The remaining amount can be paid for via cash or etransfer before pickup.